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The world of growers, farmers and home gardening enthusiasts is waking up to the importance of soil health and fertility in producing healthy plants and healthy people.

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Long before man existed the land was in fact regularly ploughed and still continues to be ploughed by earthworms. It may be doubted whether there are many other animals which have played so important a part in the history of the world as have these lowly organized creatures.

Charles Darwin, Through the Action of Worms, 1881

Who We Are

Looking to create the ideal conditions for healthy, hearty, high-yield growth?

At TerraVesco, we’ve been working with farmers, growers, and gardeners for nearly thirty years to enhance soil health and fertility. Certified organic, environmentally safe, and professionally crafted, our amendments provide the nutrients and beneficial microbes that plants need while fending off pests and pathogens. Whatever you’re growing—fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, flowers or other plants—TerraVesco helps maximize your results.

Where We Are From

When he retired, airline captain Jack Chambers bought a worm farm in Northern California dreaming of spending his newfound time as a gentleman farmer. In his own backyard, Jack quickly realized organic worm matter was giving his plants a superior growing edge—no chemical fertilizers, pesticides or fungicides needed.

His soil was rich, dark and crumbly. Fruits and vegetables were the biggest, brightest, and tastiest he’d ever grown.  Potatoes grew year after year with little effort and no disease. Big, bright, beautiful flowers with strong, sturdy stalks flourished.

Knowing the worms were responsible for this bounty, Jack dedicated the next twenty-five years to researching, developing, and testing a proprietary production process designed to bring the same superior soil health, fertility, and growing outcomes to farmers, growers, and home gardeners. Today, this process serves as the foundation for all of our organic worm-based soil amendments and conditioners, producing the consistently finest quality inputs available.

How We Can Help

Understanding the condition of your soil is the first step to achieving better growing outcomes in your vineyards, orchards, fields and gardens.


  • For home gardeners, we developed the Soil Health Pyramid to help you achieve soil health and fertility in your own backyard.
  • For commercial growers and farmers seeking a deeper understanding of their soil issues, we provide a four-step soil management process including comprehensive soil testing, prescriptive strategies and products to remedy deficiencies, ongoing monitoring of growing outcomes during the growing season, and an in-depth assessment of the overall success of your strategy.  Let’s Grow Together!

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