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increase plant vigor throughout the growing season

improve plant response to abiotic stresses

increase root development and nutrient uptake efficiency

Growing Challenges

The last three years have seen wildfires, smoke taint, severe drought and above average temperatures during the growing season. Generally, vines are stressed. 2021 yields were down 40-60 percent for many growers. One wine maker said he thought it could take several years of normal rainfall to bring yields back to expected levels. He worries about the continuing drought, the increasing cost of water, and the possibility of future water restrictions. Recent surveys indicate a greater incidence of Delayed Spring Growth (DSG) brought about by dry, cold conditions. This is especially true for certain varietals and young vines. 

What Can You Do?

Applying TerraThrive PRO Vermi-Extract through the drip line system at 20 gallons per acre at bud break, mid-season (July) and post-harvest, can increase plant vigor throughout the growing season. Healthier vines will respond better to climate change and the abiotic stresses brought about by severe growing conditions.

Terrathrive PRO delivered spectacular results.  We can graft in 4 months
Yes, four months! The vines are healthier and the wines speak for themselves.

Larry Turley

Proprietor, Turley Wine Cellars

TerraThrive PRO VermiCompost is the best organic soil amendment I’ve ever used.

Jeff Dawson

Director of Land Services, Golden Door Spa