The Power of TerraVesco Vermi-extract: Leveraging decades of experience, TerraVesco has developed a proprietary formulation for Vermi-extract, a liquid soil amendment that can be used alone or in combination with TerraVesco Vermicompost.

Offering a range of benefits:

  • Contains high microbial diversity, which improves plant vigor
  • Easy to apply through existing fertilization and irrigation systems
  • Further accelerates the building of soil microbiology when used in conjunction with TerraVesco Vermicompost
  • Has improved stability and extended shelf life

Quality Control

Our Vermi-extract follows the same rigorous quality assurance process as our Vermicompost.

We recommend storing our Vermi-extract in a dark, cool location.

Application Rates

Application rates and frequency vary based on delivery system, crop and season. Typically, we recommend 40 – 45 gallons per acre following specified dilution rates. Contact us for more information. 

To Purchase

TerraVesco Vermi-extract is available in the following quantities:

•   5 gallon bucket
•  250 gallon tote

 Contact us for more information.