Soil Transition Protocol

More and more Americans are seeking organic, sustainable alternatives to conventional products and services. Their number one concern is for their personal health, and the health and well-being of their families.¹

At TerraVesco, we believe that this growing trend toward green, sustainable products and services offers a unique opportunity for today’s landscape professionals who are looking to differentiate themselves in an increasingly crowded marketplace. TerraVesco offers a solution for landscape professionals who are concerned about the ongoing environmental impact of conventional landscape practices, and genuinely want to be better stewards of the environment.

To assist the landscape professional in pursuing a more sustainable approach to landscape maintenance and installation, we offer the TerraVesco Soil Transition Protocol™, a proprietary four step process for restoring soil health to residential and commercial landscapes. The Soil Transition Protocol guides the landscape professional and client through a four step process that includes data gathering, diagnostics and analysis, the recommendation of specific organic products and materials at precise application rates, implementation, and regular progress monitoring and maintenance. The process leverages the latest scientific research and commercial trials to promote better landscape performance while customizing solutions from a broad toolkit of field-tested, organic soil amendments and additives. The goal is to improve overall soil health by replacing chemical additives with natural soil biodiversity—-to support and promote greater plant health by leveraging the genius of nature.The result—-is a worry-free, eco-friendly residential and commercial landscape that can be enjoyed by family, friends and pets…….and once soil and plant health is achieved, the future time, effort and cost of landscape maintenance can be dramatically reduced.



¹ New Rules of Green Marketing, 2011, Jacqueline Ottman