TerraThrive Worms – 10 lb box


10 lb box

TerraVesco has been providing red wiggler worms (Eisenia fetida) to home gardeners for nearly 30 years.  Our business is all about worms and the nutrient and microbial richness of their castings.  

There are more than 2700 species of worms on the planet, and red wigglers are the very best for composting food and garden waste.  They are voracious eaters.  Red wigglers consume up to half their body weight in food scraps on a daily basis.  They are extremely hardy, can tolerate a wide range of temperatures and soil pH, and are easy to care for.  And they reproduce more quickly than larger worm species. You can expect to double your red wiggler worm population every 90 days or so. 

Red wiggler worms live within the top 6 inches of soil making them well suited for the shallow box conditions of a standard worm bin. They live in colonies and can handle high density. We estimate that we typically have roughly 5000 red wigglers per cubic foot living in our worm bins.  

We sell worms by the pound.  There are approximately 1000 worms per pound.  We recommend 1 pound of worms for each square foot of your worm bin.  Most home worm bins are 2 square feet or more.  Remember, red wigglers reproduce quickly and your worm population should double every 90 days or so until the density is limited by the size of your bin and the frequency and size of feedings.

We take orders up until 12:00 noon PDT/PST on Fridays. We ship UPS 2 day guaranteed delivery on Tuesday of the following week to assure weekday delivery. We guarantee LIVE delivery of TerraThrive Worms.  Adverse weather conditions (overly hot or cold) can delay shipment until weather conditions improve.  We want your red wigglers to arrive happy and healthy!

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