Our Values

Everything we do at TerraVesco is guided by our core values.

Producing the highest quality organic soil amendments to improve soil health and plant resilience. We leverage the tireless work of earthworms to generate microbiologically superior Vermicomposts and Vermi-extracts, following strict processes that ensure consistency. We affirm quality through independent testing and trial-supported performance.

Satisfying and delighting our customers. We are here because of you. We strive to meet or exceed your expectations, so you can deliver superior ornamentals and edibles to your customers. We use a consultative, problem-solving approach and value transparency and education. Improving soil health is the cornerstone to sustainable agriculture and feeding the world—-and we’re in this together.

Supporting our employees. We strive to maintain an environment of respect, honesty and fairness while seeking collaboration and creativity in all of our business activities. We look to recognize and reward excellence. We promote professional growth and achievement through ongoing training and education, and we look to share  financial success with all of our employees.

Creating wealth through profits and growth. We recognize that profits create the necessary financial resources to support constant product and service improvements. We manage our business in accordance with sound business practices and rigorous financial analysis, and we look to manage growth prudently and wisely.

Caring about our communities and the environment. We support a sustainable approach to agriculture, horticulture,  viticulture, landscaping and home gardening by supplying organic inputs that enhance soil fertility. We are committed to educating people about the benefits of sustainable practices. We value our community by paying our employees a fair wage, and by donating a percentage of our profits to organizations that share our purpose.

Creating ongoing mutually beneficial partnerships with our suppliers. We select suppliers who share our commitment to sustainability, integrity and fairness. We work cooperatively toward our respective objectives, while pursuing a shared goal of minimizing impacts on the environment.