Improve Nutrient UptakeReduce Fertilizer CostsImprove Your ROIFeed The Soil

TerraThrive PRO products provide beneficial microbes for your soil – which improves nutrient uptake and reduces fertilizer costs. Regenerative Agriculture with TerraThrive PRO will improve your yields and your ROI.

Grow Healthier, More Vibrant Plants

We are a science-based company, committed to advancing the understanding of life in the soil and how billions of microbes promote and support plant health. Our products are certified organic, chemical-free and environmentally safe. We have worked successfully for nearly thirty years with some of the most demanding growers and farmers. We have helped them build soil health and improve the yields and the quality of their vineyards, fields and orchards.

Jack Chambers

CEO, Terravesco

TerraVesco is a leader in climate-smart Regenerative Agriculture and sustainability

“In the experiments we performed, using TerraVesco Vermicompost as a component in the commercial substrates allowed the amount of fertilizer applied to be reduced by 50% while maintaining root and vegetative growth.”

Coppola Vineyard Trial shows ROI increase of up to 160% with TerraThrive PRO Vermicompost Extract

Cannabis trial shows flower size up 41.82%!

TerraThive PRO cost of 58 cents per plant = ROI of $94.38 per plant